Since we moved to our new home our son Samuel (2.5 ) was having trouble self settling for his day and night sleeps. Putting Sammy to sleep became a real chore and a battle especially for his daytime nap. His body clock was set for a 4am some times 5am wakeup which meant a very grumpy mum and dad to start the day. It also became apparent to us that Sammy had developed some fears around his bedroom and being in his room alone. I contacted Christien and she was able to provide my husband and I with some simple yet effective techniques to encourage our son to get himself to sleep and a way to gently encourage a later morning wakeup. In just five days we saw huge improvements and felt like things were back to normal. Christien was also highly responsive via email and was always very direct with her suggestions and comments. If only I had contacted her sooner!

Christina and Tyler


“Christien’s help has been invaluable. My 7 month old was waking at least 3 times a night and taking only short naps. I was exhausted and no matter what I did, it did not seem to create lasting changes. I needed someone knowledgeable to provide some trustworthy information and an easy structure to follow. Christien did just that. She was available every day to answer my questions and she was very skillful at adjusting the program to my our family’s individual needs. She listens well and takes everything in consideration when making suggestions. Her approach is a perfect combination of gentleness and structure. With her help, my baby discovered her ability to self-soothe and be a great sleeper. I cannot thank Christien enough!


Maria and Ernst

Christien has helped us tremendously! Our three-year-old had never been a very good sleeper, and bedtime was becoming a struggle as well. With Christien’s expert coaching, we were able to turn our bedtime ritual from a battle of wills into a much quicker and more peaceful process. Consequently, sleeping soundly through the night improved hugely as well. And with a minimum of tears! 

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