What is your method of sleep training?

I am a certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, which specializes in The Sleep Lady Shuffle, but sleep coaching is not “one size fits all.” I believe each child benefits from a custom sleep plan to address their needs. If you have a specific sleep training approach in mind, I’m open to incorporating other methods, with the exception of cry-it-out. With my educational background and my experience as a mom, I am willing to find the method that’s the most effective and the best fit for your family. Together we’ll implement step-by-step changes in your child’s nap and nighttime sleep routines so your child will learn to sleep like a champ.

How long will the sleep training process take?

Each child is different and has his own issues and goals to work towards, so it might differ from family to family. But on average, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to sleep train your child. After the training period it might be necessary to continue maintaining your newly created routine for a few weeks or months to embed the new sleep habits.
Older children typically take longer than babies and require a bit more patience. The most important factor to success is consistency. The more committed and consistent you are, the better and faster the results will come.

Does “Gentle Sleep Coaching” mean no tears?

Some tears are inevitable during the sleep coaching process. This is normal and expected behavior. Whenever you introduce a behavioral modification, your child may not “like” the changes and will most likely protest, so you may experience some crying. We are doing something different than what the child is used to, which will naturally bring out tearful emotions, but just because it’s not tear-free, doesn’t mean you have to leave your child in their crib or bed to cry it out. We can help your child navigate through their frustrations with love and consistency.

Do I have to stop breastfeeding?

No. It is never necessary to end breastfeeding in order to successfully sleep train your child. We will work as a team to make sure we meet your sleep goals, and I take your preferences into account when creating your personalized sleep plan.

Do I have to stop room sharing?

No. You do not have to stop room sharing to successfully sleep train your child. We will work around your preferences and create an individualized sleep plan that fits for the whole family.

Is my child’s sibling included in the package?

Packages are designed for one child only, but can be expanded for siblings for an additional fee.

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