About me

Meet Christien

Hi! My name is Christien (pronounced “Christine”), your certified Gentle Sleep Coach® based in Marin County, California and founder of Sleep Champs. I received my certification in May 2020. As a previously sleep-deprived parent, I understand how exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming it can be to have children that aren’t sleeping well.

My boys were horrible sleepers, and I spent many hours trying to find the magic solution that would get them to sleep a little better. Nothing worked. I even felt that I had failed as a parent. After a few years of endless stroller nap walks and rocking them to sleep, I needed to find an effective and long-lasting solution. So, we hired a Gentle Sleep Coach. This was the best decision we ever made: we got our sleep and energy back so we coukd enjoy life with our two boys.

I then became passionate about sleep. I decided I wanted to work with parents with young children during this amazing but exhausting time in their life. My mission is to empower parents so they are able to help their children become better sleepers without having to cry-it-out! I can’t wait to connect with you and give you support, knowledge and guidance to help you and your little one get the sleep you both need. You deserve it!

Fun fact: I’m originally from The Netherlands (Holland) so my personality and approach might be slightly different than you expect. As a typical Dutchie, I’m very down to earth and pragmatic. I love to build good relationships in a professional but informal way. People say that I’m quite direct, which means I don’t beat around the bush and will always be honest and fair. And of course, I love to ride my bike and I put lots of mayonnaise on my fries. I’m looking forward to meeting you!