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Gentle sleep solutions for your little one

Gentle Sleep Solutions

Is your child keeping you up all night? Does your baby wake up too early every morning? Are naps and sleeping through the night a struggle? Let me help you.

Healthy sleep habits are a learned skill, just like walking, talking and riding a bike. Let me empower you with the skills to teach your child to independently go to sleep and stay asleep.

Trust me, there’s a Sleep Champ in every child!

Does your child experience (one of) the following sleeping problems?


Difficulty falling asleep or needs to be rocked or fed to sleep.


Waking up multiple times at night.


Waking up way too early in the morning.


Asking to be fed more often at night than necessary.


Very little or no napping during the day (or only in the car).


Sleeping in your bed instead of his own.


Not being well-rested and lacking quality sleep.

You and your baby are ready to night wean the breast or bottle.

If you answered YES to any of the above, I'm there to help. Let’s talk!

My method is gentle and proven, and I won’t let your child cry-it-out.

In as little as 3 weeks your little one will Sleep like a Champ.

During our initial phone call, we’ll discuss your family’s needs and what you’d like to accomplish. I will walk you through my coaching process and answer your questions.

My method: Gentle Sleep Coaching.

What is Gentle Sleep Coaching?

Helping your baby learn to fall asleep on his own is the foundation of Gentle Sleep Coaching. What many parents don’t know is that sleeping is a skill that must be learned, like learning how to walk or eating with a fork. For many children this happens more or less automatically, but for 25% of children it’s not that easy. They are tired and want to sleep, but just don’t know how to do it on their own.

That’s where I can help you.

Together we will teach your child how to sleep independently, with a very gentle approach: your child will never cry-it-out all alone. It is a learning process that may take some time, so don’t expect miracles overnight while your child is mastering their new sleeping skills. But with lots of love, patience and consistency, your child will be a Sleep Champ and the whole family will be sleeping soundly again.

Sleep Coaching Packages

I offer comprehensive, personalized sleep coaching packages designed to provide solutions for every family, from newborns to toddlers and preschoolers up to 6 years old.

Sleep Champs Tiny Package

Tiny Champs

for babies 0-5 months

Sleep Champs Silver Package

Golden Package

5 months to 6 years

Sleep Champs Gold Package

Single Consultation

0 months to 6 years

Meet your Sleep Coach

Hi! I’m Christien (pronounced “Christine”), your certified Gentle Sleep Coach® based in Marin County, California and founder of Sleep Champs. As a previously sleep-deprived parent, I understand how exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming it can be to have a child that does not sleep well.

What parents say about me

Our 8 month old baby girl had never slept for longer than 2 hours. On bad nights she even woke every hour. I was exhausted and heading back to work I knew something had to change but didn’t know where to start. Christien put us at ease and helped us find a routine prior to sleep training. She now goes down at 7pm each night and has a BF dream feed at 10:00 and sleeps through to 6:30am. It’s life changing. We are just so happy with the results-only wish we had started sooner! Would highly recommend her to any parents struggling with baby’s sleep. 



“I couldn’t do it without Christien’s help”.
After number of times trying to establish an independent sleeping routine for my daughter, I had to search for professional sleeping coach. I am very thankful that I found Christien and her sleeping champ program. Christien is very caring and attentive to details. After consultation, she developed a sleeping plan for my 2 year old. Christien was very supportive and lead me through the training step by step. My husband and I were amazed how our daughter responded well to the sleeping plan. Now, our daughter sleeps through the night, she wakes up well rested. I am happy Mama who got a little extra time for herself in the evenings and a good night sleep as well. Thank you Christien!



Our son (11 mo) was the worst sleeper, both night and day and he slept far too little … After we had tried almost everything and almost given up the hope of a normal night’s sleep and a well-rested baby, we decided to start sleep training with Christien. Already after a first consultation we saw a small light at the end of the tunnel. After going through the full sleep training we finally have our sleep back, all of us! What a difference in less than a month. It wasn’t always easy at certain times, but it has all been worth it. We are very satisfied with Christien’s coaching! She gave us good courage when things went more difficult. Conclusion: Because of her we have more energy as a family to enjoy life and each other. Priceless! 

Connor and Amanda


More hours in the day!! My wife and I were pretty desperate when we sought Christien’s help. Our son, 18 months, needed to be rocked or nursed to sleep and was waking up multiple times a night. Cumulatively, my wife and I spent multiple hours a day putting him down. We committed 100% to Christien’s plan and within the first week he learned to put himself to sleep and slept through the night. IT WAS GLORIOUS. I’d forgotten what it’s like to wake up rested. It was important to my wife and me that Itai not feel abandoned or alone during the transition/training — that was definitely achieved. Extremely Satisfied. 10/10! 

JR and Geffan


Since we moved to our new home our son Samuel (2.5 ) was having trouble self settling for his day and night sleeps. Putting Sammy to sleep became a real chore and a battle especially for his daytime nap. His body clock was set for a 4am some times 5am wakeup which meant a very grumpy mum and dad to start the day. It also became apparent to us that Sammy had developed some fears around his bedroom and being in his room alone. I contacted Christien and she was able to provide my husband and I with some simple yet effective techniques to encourage our son to get himself to sleep and a way to gently encourage a later morning wakeup. In just five days we saw huge improvements and felt like things were back to normal. Christien was also highly responsive via email and was always very direct with her suggestions and comments. If only I had contacted her sooner!

Christina and Tyler